Can I tour the facility?

Yes! If you would like to tour the facility before bringing your pup in, we’d love to show you around. We schedule views at 10am or 5pm daily. Just send us an email to schedule.

What’s a trial board?

A trial board serves as an assessment for your pup and is a requirement for all new clients. It will allow your dog to learn the facility before staying here long term. The trial also allows our staff to form a relationship with your dog so we can best serve them during their stay. We strive to make our kennel your dog’s home away from home.

Please plan on leaving your dog for a full 24 hours. We recommend morning drop off and morning pick up the following day. If needed, this can be adjusted to meet your needs.

East Wing or West Wing?

We have two different side to our kennel, the East Wing and West Wing. There is no price difference. You can choose either side when making a reservation. We will place your dog where we think they will do best no matter which side you choose.

What should I bring?

We recommend you bring:

  • Pre-portioned food for the stay, plus an extra day’s worth
  • A bed, blanket, or t-shirt that smells like home
  • Your dog’s favorite toys or treats
  • Any tools you use to walk your dog

Please leave your bowls at home! We have plenty to go around.

What vaccines do you require?

For dogs: we require Rabies, Bordetella, and Canine Distemper

For cats: we require Rabies and Feline Distemper

When can I drop off/pick up my pet? What if I’m late?

Drop up and pick up can be any time during our open office hours. The office is open from 7am-10am and 4pm-6pm. If you are going to be late, please let us know as soon as possible! Especially if it is outside of office hours. We will need to arrange for someone to be here when you arrive. If you aren’t going to make it at all on your designated pick-up day, no worries. We would love to keep your pup an extra night!

For pickups outside of office hours we will add a $50 charge

Can my dogs share a run?

Yes! Dogs from the same families often do better when boarded together in the same run. Please let us know if they need to be separated when fed.

What if my dogs need daily medication?

Our staff can administer any kind of medications. For pill and liquid medications there is a $5 charge per dose of medication, for injections there is a $10 per dose charge. Please make sure that we are provided with detailed instructions and enough medication for the entirety of your pets stay.

Can my dog just come for daycare?

Yes! For $45 a day, we offer daycare services. Daycare dogs are included in our daily activities while here.

Will my dog play with other dogs?

We currently do not offer group play at our facility. We do our best to allow dogs with like-minded energies to play together. Sometimes this means group office time for small dogs, two or three friendly dogs in the play yard together, or parallel walks with two dogs.

What if my dog has a behavioral problem?

While we love to take in every dog who makes a reservation, some dogs don’t do well in the kennel environment. An assessment must be scheduled with Andy for any dogs with behavioral problems or reactivity towards humans or other animals before a trial board or extended stay. Check out the Dog Assessment page before emailing. Please send us an email with as much detail about your dog as you can to schedule the assessment.

Do you offer any grooming services with boarding?

Yes! We always offer an exit bath or nail trim for your pup so they can leave the kennel looking and feeling best. Nail trims start at $20; baths start at $40.

Grooming only appointments require a 50% estimate deposit prior to scheduling.

What if there’s an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, we will always try to get ahold of the owner. If we cannot get ahold of you or your emergency contact, we will take the animal to our vet, Cascade Animal Clinic.

Do you offer any training services?

We do not offer any training services. Check out our friends below for training classes and private lessons.

The Collective Canine, servicing Snohomish County

Nitro K-9, located in Bothell

Sky River K9, locating in Sultan

Sparks K9, located in Monroe

Kristi Crabtree, located in Arlington

Four Paws, located in Lynnwood.