Dog Boarding

Need dog boarding in the Seattle area, Myownly Boarding Kennel is your place.
Lets face it, they aren’t like family, they are family. From Monroe to Seattle, families love Myownly.

Myownly is proud to provide top notch dog boarding services. While you’re out of town we want to make sure your pup is happy, healthy, and comfortable.

We require overnight trial boards for all new clients. Please find a day that you can drop your pup off in the morning between 7 & 10 am and pick up the following. These trial boards are very important to creating a trusting relationship with our clients and we appreciate you taking time to make sure we’re a great fit.

You may make reservations online through our 123 Pet Portal. If this is your first time looking for dog boarding or you have had difficulty finding the right fit for boarding in the past, please schedule a view of the facility and an assessment for your pooch so you can be confident in your choice.

Please remember that submitting a reservation does not mean you will have a run. If you are not approved or contact by us with in a day please check your voicemail and email. We will contact you if there is something needed prior to approving your reservation.

Heads up new clients!

We hate saying no to people but keep in mind, we prioritize our existing clients and those of you that plan ahead. Not saying we won’t take last minute clients but you’ll need to hustle, get your stuff in, be a team player and hope we aren’t at capacity!

Daily schedule

We are in the kennel and moving dogs outside throughout the day. As they get to stretch their legs; we clean, feed, and coordinate medications as needed. Our kennel has two wings with outdoor areas. We will rotate your pooch outside in the morning and afternoon along with a walk or play yard time during one of our shifts, busy dogs are happy dogs!

If you would like your pup to have some extra attention and/or exercise, please ask us about extra play time. These services can be personal walks, ball retrieval, small play groups, front office time, etc. If we are staffed for the extra outs we’ll be happy to play even more!

Pools are fun and keep you cool during the summer!

What’s to eat

We recommend that you bring what your dog eats at home, especially if its their first time here. However, high quality dog food from our local Sam’s Cats & Dogs is provided!

What should you bring?

We will need an up to date vaccination record from your veterinarian prior to boarding. Please have them uploaded to your pet profile prior to dropping off.

Any medications that your pet is currently on should be included in their over night bag along with any other items they will enjoy during their stay. This can include toys, treats, blankets, and/or something that smells like you (they like that stuff).

Daily dog rates

WeightFirst dogAdditional dog in same run
Under 25 lbs$55$50
25 to 80 lbs$65$60
Over 80 lbs$75$70

Additional daily charges

Special needs$20
Extra play time$15
Medications & injections after hours$15
Intact or in heat$5
Holiday rate $5