Dog Boarding Assessments

Before boarding your dog, we’d love to have you visit the kennel and see what we have to offer! Tours and assessments play a large roll in a successful boarding experience.

Tours last between 15 and 20 minutes and offer a full tour of our facility and what our daily routine is. You’ll be able to see where your dog will be staying and say hello to any current guests! After the tour, we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about the boarding experience here at Myownly. You’re welcome to bring your dog with you, we’d love to meet them after the tour!

If your dog has a history of unsuccessful boarding experiences or social encounters, please let us know beforehand. Don’t skimp on the details! Once we have all the information, our staff will be able to create a care plan on how to best cater to your dog during their stay to ensure they can be as comfortable as possible. We take our time getting to know each dog so we can provide the best boarding experience.

Still worried?

Our kennel is well equipped to provide a positive experience for just about any dog. Inquire about our special indoor/outdoor runs! In these runs, our staff is able to care for your dog just the same as the others without the added stress of additional handling. We reserve these runs for dogs who take a longer time to warm up to the boarding experience so we can ensure that we aren’t pushing a dog out of their comfort zone before given the chance to build a proper relationship. Indoor/outdoor run spaces are limited. If you think your dog might do best in one of these runs, please inquire before booking and plan to book in advance during our peak dates.

New clients:

For all new clients we require an overnight trial board prior to any longer stay. Whether you dog is a seasoned pro or boarding for the first time, trial boards are essential to begin building a solid relationship with your dog! During the trial your dog will be exposed to all the sights, sounds, and smells. It gives them an idea of what the expect when they get to experience our routine firsthand!

Ready to book?

Read our FAQ and then visit our Reservations page!