Dog boarding assessments

Our dog boarding assessments will answer all your questions.

Views and assessments play a huge role in a successful dog boarding experience. Views will introduce you to our kennel. Dog boarding assessments introduce us to your pet, and visa versa. Whether you’re a first time boarder seeking information or have used boarding services in the past it is important to shop your options. Consider us a resource and please contact us with comments, questions, and/or concerns.

Views include a tour of the facility and an in depth look at what we have to offer. Take a look through the website and bring your questions along with your pet’s requirements and restrictions. Plan on spending about 15-20 minutes. We can meet your pet in the parking lot after you have spoken with one of our staff members. Dogs do not tour the kennel with us.

If your dog has a history of unsuccessful boarding or social encounters please be sure to provide us with all of the details. We want to familiarize our staff with your dog and make sure they will have a comfortable stay.

Short daycare and over night stays are a great way to test the water and establish a trusting relationship prior to an extended stay. Safety and proper care of your animal is our top priority. So you are prepared, below is our assessment protocol. We have designed this procedure to ensure that we don’t rush things, build a healthy relationship with your pet, and can get a proper feel for any issues that may come up.

Assessment procedure

  • Background information over the phone and upon arrival to the kennel (please leave your dog in the car when you arrive)
  • Parking lot introduction
  • Kennel transition if necessary
  • Trial daycare and/or boarding

Our kennel is designed to provide just about any pup a place to stay, even if they want to be left alone. If you have a dog that you are concerned about leaving with anyone let us know. Special indoor/outdoor runs provide access without the need for any contact or interaction during their stay. We can safely transition your dog outside, clean, change bedding, feed, and medicate all without encroaching on their space.