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CATHI Tower-Chriscaden

Cathi is the president, owner, groomer, and business manager of the Myownly Boarding Kennel. Her first job in the field was at Northgate Veterinary Clinic in 1968, and later worked as a licensed Animal Health Technician in Lynnwood until 1989, at which point she purchased the Myownly boarding facility. Cathi has had experience with almost every breed of dog or cat. She uses her vast experience to work alongside each and every one of the pet nannies, ensuring that her 45 years of experience is put to good use.



DANIELLE: Office Manager

danielleDanielle is an animal lover who previously worked in the BioTech industry and enjoys action sports, horseback riding, sky diving, and a number of other activities. In addition to that she spends the majority of her time ensuring that the pets at Myownly Kennel boarding facility are properly cared for and comfortable.

Danielle handles marketing and web operations while interacting with both office and kennel staff. When she is not busy with administrative work, she spends her time giving extra care to all of the kennel guests!


Morgan is a lover of all animals, and is owned by a Pit Bull/German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, named Bear.  She just graduated from Monroe High School and plans on going to Everett Community College in the fall.  Her future plans include social work and nursing. She enjoys reading, coffee, and cuddling with her own dog.  Morgan is quickly learning how to care for our special needs dogs and really enjoys paying attention to their unique requirements.


This is Morgan's first job and she finds it fulfilling and natural to care for cats and dogs who are in her care.  We  find her spending extra time with the new houseguests: working extra hard to make them comfortable.  Morgan is a natural at bathing and brush-outs, and loves to be part of sending our spa dogs home clean and happy.  She is a welcome addition to Team Myownly!



Mandy has worked with dogs for several years now, graduated Sky Valley Education Center in 2011 and has experience with all kinds of animals. She has a Green Wing Macaw, Australian Shepherd and multiple cats but has had dogs and birds of all shapes and sizes. She used to breed cockatiels and conures and would like to raise macaws at some point, specifically the endangered Hyacinth Macaw, and is considering training dogs with the purpose of family protection.  Mandy is planning on attending college for journalism or literary arts sometime next year.

She lives with her fiance and daughter Vivienne, with Victoria due in December. In her (non-existent) spare time she enjoys gardening and painting. Since Mandy's arrival, she has taken a lot of the responsibility for the senior dog care, calmly works with the hyperactive young canines, and makes sure that every little dog gets it's time in the office being cuddled.  Cathi and Mandy are working together to train Mandy in the grooming department, as well.



ASHleyAshley is great with the pets, and has wonderful canine handling skills for all shapes, sizes, and activity levels. Ashley has completed an AA in business and plans to complete her BA in equine science with the intention of working as a horse trainer. In addition to that she has shown dogs and horses in 4-H throughout her school years, and truly hopes to become a more qualified dog trainer. In the pursuit of this desire she trained with one of our long term clients (Sean McDaniel at Seattle Family Dog Training), and since then she has possessed an even greater aptitude regarding canine care.

Ashley has taken a sebatical to have a son, little Samuel.  Enjoy your mother time, Ashley!




Kyndra helps out at Myownly Dog Kennel while attending WSU

Kyndra attended WSU in pursuit of a nursing degree. She recently was accepted into a nursing program in Spokane, CONGRATULATIONS!!  She has been with us since high school and we love having her back during her school holidays. When home she lives with Bear, a smooth Chow, Milo, a chihuahua mix, Reene, an Exotic Shorthair, related to our office cat, Jangles, and her Siamese, Mischu! Kyndra's favorite spot seems to be in the play yard managing the play groups of boarding dogs. Her second favorite area is the pet grooming area, bathing our boarding dogs. We hope we get her as our nurse if we ever find ourselves in need!  Kyndra came to work when her mother, Marta, was our office manager.




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